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SUBJECT: Informative note for interested parties on the use of personal details.

Pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196, 30 June 2003, and in relation to the personal details which are to be used for our corporate activity of corporate and master servicer (e.g. processing accounts and economic data, fiscal/taxation/corporate/administrative fulfilments, reporting, statistical analysis) and/or the contract for the provision of goods and/or services in existence between you and our company, we would like to inform you of the following:

A) Aims and methods of use: the processing of personal details will be carried out in fulfilment of the contractual and/or pre-contractual, legal, regulatory and European Union obligations and/or in any case to comply with dispositions from Authorities, Agencies and Supervisory Authorities as well as for purposes concerning management, administration, accounts and web services. Data processing ex art. 11, Legislative Decree 196/2003 (processing methods and requirements) will include all operations ex art. 4, para. 1, part a), Legislative Decree 196/2003, and will be carried out by personnel assigned for this purpose.

B) Providing personal details: i) is optional if requested for the fulfilment of contractual commitments ii) is obligatory when requested for complying with Legal, Regulatory and European Union fulfilments to which our company is bound by virtue of the activities requested/carried out by you in your favour.

C) Consequences of refusing to respond: in the case of part B sub i) the non provision of personal details may render impossible, in full or in part, the fulfilment of our commitments; in the case of part B sub ii) the non provision of personal details will make you responsible for damages which our company may sustain following the non and/or partial fulfilment of legal requirements. In both cases, the contract with you in existence may be rescinded due to your deeds and blame.

D) Communication of personal details, will be carried out by us to: 1) Public Administration, State/State Controlled Agencies, in order for Authorities/Agencies/Supervisory Bodies to comply with Legal Regulatory and European Union dispositions; 2) companies controlled by/connected to/served by us, professionals, banking/financial institutions (e.g. proceeds/payments/guarantees/assignment of credit, leasing), rating agencies, arrangers, etc. should such communication be necessary/functional/instrumental to the execution of the commitments assumed by us, as well as for organisational/structural purposes(e.g. auditors, rating agencies, data processing, etc.). The subjects in point 2) will be made aware of the personal details exclusively in their role as titleholders and/or responsible body. Personal details will not be made public.

E) Rights as pursuant to art. 7: the party interested by data processing is recognised the right to access personal details as well as the exercising of the rights specifically indicated in art. 7, Legislative Decree 196/2003, including, for example: requesting and obtaining confirmation of the existence or not of their own personal details, being aware of their origin, aims and methods of processing, updating, correction and, should it be of interest, integration of their personal details.

F) Identification of the Titleholder and responsible body
a) Titleholder of data processing: Capital and Funding-Solutions S.r.l., with registered offices in Albano S. A. (BG), Via Papa Giovanni XXIII,52, fiscal code and VAT number 03560990164, in the person of its legal representative pro-tempore.

b) Body responsible for the general overall organisation and control of data processing: Mr. Lucio Tiozzo, electively domiciled for this purpose at the company registered offices. In relation to each phase of data processing, it is pointed out that all the safety measures required by the Laws on Privacy currently in force have been implemented and that the Document on Safety Plans provided by point 19 of the Technical Regulations concerning the Minimum Safety Measures has been drafted. Interested parties, in order to exercise the above-mentioned rights and also obtain further information to that given above, including the listing of subjects nominated as responsible bodies and/or appointed for data processing, may contact Capital and Funding Solutions S.r.l., V. G. Marconi, 123 - 24020 Ranica (BG), in the person of Mr. Lucio Tiozzo, fax +39 035 199 013 14, e-mail This informative note and the documentation mentioned herein may also be consulted by accessing the website: Personal details are only used for providing the web service in accordance with Law 196/03.