CF-Solutions offers structuring consultant services to:
  • Originators
  • Arrangers
  • Investors

The past pluri‐annual experience of CF-Solutions's team in the structuring of securitisation transactions across different asset classes and also jurisdictions, together with its wide knowledge and understanding of the Italian banking group, allows CF-Solutions to be in the position to provide clients with the most efficient services versus any other player in the market

Below an indicative and not exhaustive list of transactions personally structured by the members of the team:
  • Gonzaga Finance (funded CBO)
  • Patagonia Finance (managed CDO)
  • Cidneo Finance (partially funded CBO)
  • CR Firenze Mutui (RMBS)
  • SCIC 1 (Personal Loans Portfolio)
  • SCIC 2 (Public Sector Portfolio)
  • Locat S.V. programme (Leasing)
  • PMI Finance programme (SMEs Loans)
  • Cordusio RMBS programme (RMBS)
  • EuroConnect LC (Multi-Originators Synth. SMEs)
  • Several other non public deals (synthetic and/or funded involving Consumer Loans / SMEs / Leasing / RMBS, restructuring and/or selling of Equity / First-Loss, NPLs principal finance transactions, etc.)