CF-Solutions offers a tailor made service to originators and SPVs as computation agent for different structured finance transactions

The mission that CF-Solutions set itself as objective is not simply to elaborate data received from third-party but also to verify the coherence of the information highlighting any potential inconsistencies

With this same target in mind, the Sole Director of CF-Solutions set up 4 years ago the computation agent desk in the context of the UniCredit Group Southern Europe Securitisation Team (Bayerische Hypo- und Vereinsbank AG, London Branch)

CF-Solutions allows to reduce the time necessary to set‐up/overtake previous roles managed by clients, limiting the involvement of third parties (such as the Servicer, the Originator, …) and moreover avoiding any additional upfront costs

As of August 2009, CF-Solutions is offering the computation agent services for 15 transactions with a total portfolio outstanding amount of over Euro 60 billions.